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Baltimore Archive Monday


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Look mom, two horns

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African Beauty – Sculpture by Woodrow Nash

Written by , Posted in Art, Baltimore, Canon 7D, Maryland

I was walking from the parking lot on my way to the concert at Artscape and was awestruck by these beautiful sculptures by artist Woodrow Nash.

β€œThe serial nature of the works β€” an inspired composition of torsos, sculptures and timeless objects of contemplation – recall a primitive minimalist whose relentless repetitiveness produces extraordinary and mysterious structures.

Inside these bold bodies dwell the spirits of African kings, queens, warriors and kinsmen.” β€” artist website


African sculpture - photo by Renel Holton - / 4649edit

Sculpture by artist Woodrow Nash



March 2013





July 2012



Artscape 2012: WinslowDynasty, Easy Star All-Stars, Rebirth Brass Band

Written by , Posted in Baltimore, Canon 7D, Concert, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Maryland, Music, R&B-Soul, Reggae

One of the things I love about living in the Washington DC metro area is that there’s always a free event.Β  Last weekend I attended Artscape in Baltimore, and here are a few photos from Sunday’s lineup.




Easy Star All-Stars:


Rebirth Brass Band:

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