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December 2013



10 Favorite 2013 Photos

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Here’s a look back at my 10 favorite photos I published on the blog this year.

1. LA Sunrise

I shot this back on my first visit to Los Angeles in 2011.

LA Sunrise- photo by Renel Holton - / 0285


2. Washington Monument & Capitol from the Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument & US Capitol - photo by Renel Hollton - / 2031edit

Washington Monument with US Capitol in the background. Photo taken from the Lincoln Memorial.


3. Batman Kia Optima

Every January the car show rolls through DC.  My favorite this year was the Batman themed Kia Optima.

Batman Optima - photo by Renel Holton - / 1903

Batman themed Kia Optima


4.  Red Door

I saw this red door in NYC near the Highline.

Red Door NYC - photo by Renel Holton - / 3866


5. Grand Canyon Eagle Point

Visiting the Grand Canyon was easily my favorite trip I had in 2013.  I can’t wait to visit the south rim next year.

Eagle Point at the Grand Canyon West Rim - photo by Renel Holton - / 3134edit

Eagle Point at the Grand Canyon West Rim

6. Sisters With Voices

SWV - photo by Renel Holton - / 3914edit


7. African Beauty (Sculpture by Woodrow Nash)

Woodrow Nash displayed these beautiful African sculptures at Artscape.

African sculpture - photo by Renel Holton - / 4649edit

Sculpture by artist Woodrow Nash


8. Lonely Kayak

Lonely Kayak - photo by Renel Holton - / 6154edit



9. Janelle Monáe

I saw her in concert this year at the Essence Festival, but this photo is from the Deep Cotton concert.

Janelle Monaé - photo by Renel Holton - / 6181edit

Janelle Monaé warming up the crowd at the Deep Cotton concert.


10. Oprah Winfrey

Mama O!

Oprah Winfrey - photo by Renel Holton - / 153819


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