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October 2016




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David Ortiz prepping to bat edit 2 - photo by Renel Holton

David Ortiz aka Big Papi will easily go down as one of Boston’s best players.  You already know I’m a Red Sox fan so I made a trip to a trip to Fenway to see the Big Papi before he retired.

The 3-time World Series champion and 10-time All-Star is having one of the best years for a retiring player, helping clinch the American League East.

David Ortiz aka Big Papi on deck edit 2 - photo by Renel Holton

David Ortiz standing in the on deck circle.

David Ortiz walking to plate edit 1 - photo by Renel Holton

I went to a late season game against the Tampa Bay Rays.  This is the closest I’ve ever sat at a game!  My seat was behind home plate looking down the first base line.

David Ortiz at bat edit 2

Thanks Papi!!! Now lets get another World Series!

David Ortiz standing alone at plate edit 2 - photo by Renel Holton



November 2013



Boston Strong

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Weekly Assignment: Hot

This week’s theme is “hot.”  You can view the weekly assignments archives or view the full list on the Weekly Assignment page.


Boston Strong

I’ll be honest.  I really struggled to figure out an appropriate photo for this week’s theme.  But then this week my Boston Red Sox won the 2013 World Series at home for the first time since 1915.  I lived in Cambridge, Mass. for seven years when I was younger and have been a fan ever since.  You can’t get any hotter than this year’s Red Sox so of course I had to represent in my Red Sox gear.


Boston Red Sox selfie - photo by Renel Holton - / 184421



April 2013



Take Me Out to the Ball Game

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Last year I got caught up in the Washington Nationals Natitude as they clinched the AL East division.  Today is MLB Opening Day with Stephen Strasburg on the mound against the Miami Marlins.  The real question is will Teddy put together consecutive wins in the President’s race.

I grabbed the shot below during a tour of the ballpark.


Nationals Park v2 - photo by Renel Holton - - 1991edit

View of Nationals Park from the press box.

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