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April 2014



Wishing I was still on vacation

Written by , Posted in Bahamas, Caribbean, Nassau, Sony NEX-7

This photo reminds me of my cruise when I was completely disconnected from social media and for the most part the outside world.  I had my camera with me but really didn’t take many photos.  I’m realizing sometimes is okay to just be in the moment and not go into photographer mood.  All I cared about was ice cream cones, and as my shirt says, catching some rays.

Renel in the Bahamas - photo by Renel Holton - / DSC00162edit.jpg

I’m posting this photo because my mom is actually smiling.  She never smiles in photos, and in her own words “I take bad pictures.”  We’re with our main dining room waitress Jackielyn.

Me and mom cruising - photo by Renel Holton - / DSC00224.jpg

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